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Update – Planned a trip back to visit; last Thursday eve, (before the blizzard) On that morning, He collapsed and went to ER, diagnosed with blood infection/dehydration/jaundice/blood sugar out of whack, maybe due to blockage, back-up from stent, re-did ECP on late Friday, was lucky to get in, they think they cleared whatever was blocked; put on IV antibiotics, stayed at Mayo for 5 days, released with oral antibiotics, insulin, etc.. Mayo pharmacy was the worst – did not have correct scripts, had to page Dr; then Dr ordered insulin that was not covered – etc.. after waiting 2 hrs still had it messed up; Meanwhile patient released and waiting this whole time… Good News; PET scan was clear; so when they get all his stats under control he will do chemo 2 times a month for two months and then get scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor .

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I appreciate your keeping in touch, @minimia. I'm glad to hear that he is feeling better now. It is good to know that the PT scan was clear, I'm sure you were both relieved about that. It sounds as if his surgery will be in the spring.

Will you post again with an update when that is scheduled?

@minimia, what an ordeal. I bet you and your father-in-law are exhausted. I encourage you to report your experience with the pharmacy to the Office of Patient Experience. See contact numbers here: https://www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic/patient-experience They will want to know about it and help improve the system.

Did you learn more about some of the causes of his collapse and poor stats? It would be good to understand what was going on so that he can take preventative measures to avoid it happening again (if possible). He'll want to be as healthy as possible for chemo. Did they give you a list of anticipated side effects and how to help manage them?

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