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Ginger, Volunteer Mentor (@gingerw)

How You Experience Autism

Autism (ASD) | Last Active: Aug 22, 2020 | Replies (171)

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@gingerw ….
It has been so busy around here. So many irons in the fire.
When I am around people with whom I am most comfortable, I do not experience that feeling of odd man out.

I feel happy and content.
I feel like the world is my oyster.
I am on cloud nine.
I do not feel weird or different or odd.

I am very sociable with those who "get" me.

With everyone else my hackles are up.
With everyone else my right knee is jumping up and down.
Wirh everyone else I am grinding my teeth.
With everyone else I just want to go home where it is safe.

I am Autistic. How about you?

Love and light,
Mamacita Jane

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@mamacita Exactly! It is not easy to find those small groups to feel comfortable in. At times people wonder why I isolate like I do. It is easier to be alone than lonely in a crowd, to feel so on edge you cannot function, as you strive to hold yourself together. To be placed into a socially awkward situation, then retreat to your car to close your eyes against it all, recharge your batteries so to speak, and continue your day or night.

May your day today be what you look forward to.