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Ginger, Volunteer Mentor (@gingerw)

How You Experience Autism

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@mamacita Sending you a warm hug and shoulder to lean on.
Did you ask your daughter why she felt that way? I can understand your confusion and hurt. Your comment about your relative sounds like it was part of an interesting conversation. It sounds like she is still walking her path, and has not dropped her robes, so speaking of her accomplishments was a good thing.
Sometimes the most innocent things turn out to be so confusing….

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@ginger, yes, I did ask her why I shouldnt have said anything.
She said no one would be interested in our family.
After that, I just didnt say much. It still doesn't make much sense.
Other people can talk about whatever they want, but apparently my family, my little bits of information, are not acceptable.

Is it because they dont know them?
I didnt know the people my friend talked about.
It feels like we are there to serve others, make them feel good, laugh at their jokes, but we do not have the same rights.

I honestly dont get it.

I need to move on. And learn more. Maybe I will find some answers.
Love and light,
Mamacita Jane