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How You Experience Autism

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@gingerw ….
My daughter and I went to what I refer to as a Wild Woman Sisterhood weekend in Gatlinburg, TN.

She told me I should not have talked about a former relative who is active in restorations and preservation in a neighboring town.

It embarrassed me.

I could not understand how my comment was not relevant or interesting.

My bestie had brought up old houses in Ohio. She had shown pictures of several old homes that were restored.

I was proud of our former relative who has also written a book about the history of that town, and many of the old homes there. She goes to elementary schools snd distributes coloring books to the kids. They learn about the history of their city, thanks to her.

I still dont get it.

I am not boring.

At least I dont think so.

I left rhe room and went to my bedroom.

I tried to figure out what I had done wrong.

Shame. Confusion. It comes and goes.

Love and light,
Mamacita Jane

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@mamacita Sending you a warm hug and shoulder to lean on.
Did you ask your daughter why she felt that way? I can understand your confusion and hurt. Your comment about your relative sounds like it was part of an interesting conversation. It sounds like she is still walking her path, and has not dropped her robes, so speaking of her accomplishments was a good thing.
Sometimes the most innocent things turn out to be so confusing….