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How You Experience Autism

Autism (ASD) | Last Active: Aug 22, 2020 | Replies (171)

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@mamacita – also thinking of you and your daughter. Have you come to any further decisions on your daughter and her future care?

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Happy Sunday, everyone! From Gatlinburg , Tennessee.
Our Wild Women Sisterhood trip to the American Smokies began Friday morning. I am the only Autistic here in our cabin. One Momfriend is a writer. And a mental health advocate.

My daughter is here. The one from Georgia. We have had a ball. We are right on the edge of a little mountain and there are bears here.

My daughter who is,disabled is safely ensconsed in her very own handicap accesible apartment, surrounded by lots of windows streaming sunlight.

She forgot I was in Tennessee and has texted me for things she needs help with. She was provided with a fridge full of food Thursday evening. Flavored water, coffee.

I have had a few moments of not understanding the unspoken rules. It didnt hurt as bad as it did in the early years.

I believe I am quite possibly becoming more resilient. The hurts of the past are not as painful.
I have moved on in so many ways.

So good to see @sirgalahad here!

Welcome everyone. We are glad you are here. And to the Autism Mom at the gas station on the way up here…welcome, friend. We are here for you. You were my checker for a reason. You are not alone. You have power. Your child has mandated rights.

And we are better together.
Love and light,
Mamacita Jane