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How You Experience Autism

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@mamacita It's a tough decision, and shows your strength indeed. And shows how much you care for the well-being of your daughter, her son, your family, and yourself. There may be those who cannot understand this move. We are here for you, cup of tea or coffee ready to hand you, a cozy blanket to wrap up in.

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My son had cancer of the brain. He started having seizures at the age of 31. He was married and had a darling boy and a beautiful step-daughter. He had such headaches. I wouldn't begin to know how they felt to him. Trip after trip to the hospital until he was sent to the hospital in Columbus. The best surgeon there operated on him. He said my son would never have another surgery. Well, his wife left him, the children ended up with foster parents, I was the only caretaker for a long, long time. It wore me to a frazzle and I finally passed out. I took him back to the hospital and told them either admit him or me. They did admit him and he was there for weeks. No wonder I couldn't take care of him–it took three or more people. He had a long, long bout of cancer, I took him back. Then he decided he wanted his own place. He got a one room efficiency apartment. He couldn't take care of it. I tried but I couldn't take care of two places let alone get his groceries, do his laundry. I knew he had to go to a nursing home. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I didn't have to make the decision. His landlord did. My son's brain was so mixed up, he went knocking on everyone's door, asking if they knew where his son was. My son was in the nursing home for SEVEN Years! Thank God they placed him in one only one mile from my house. He passed on my birthday which was a gift from God because his life was so painful and miserable. Cancer is a horrible disease.