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I have been doing that lately….it always happens when I bring in groceries from the front door….what happens is this: when my wife and I get back from grocery shopping, we back the second car (SUV) up into the driveway to unload groceries….we engage the automatic door opener so we can judge how close we come to the garage without hitting the sides that jut out…we then unlock the front door and take them in that way….(we do it like this because there is very little room with the sedan parked in the garage….) unfortunately by doing this, we have recently forgotten to check the garage and close the door again…so, what I’ve been doing is to visually check the front door and open the utility door of the garage and check that the garage door is down also, not just when we go to the store….that way, I can train myself …..I hope my story helps….

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@robbie1956 I recently found that if I open the blinds on the north wall in master bedroom, I can see the garage door. Window faces north, with really no visual to anyone looking in. Then as dusk falls and I close the blinds, I can look to make sure the door is closed if it was opened during the day. So far, working out well!