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Numbness and burning after knee replacement

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I am 4.5 wks out after right knee replacement. I have intermittenr numbness in my foot. Thry told me it was from swelling and to continue icing several times a day. I take gabapentin at night for sleep. The numbness drives me crazy at times because there is nothing i can do

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@ clmeritt1962 Welcome to Connect. TKRs are a very frequent discussion here. I did not have numbness after either of my TKRs but I think it is not uncommon. I think for now you have to do as advised. If it does not improve after many months I think a visit to the surgeon is in order. I did have some fairly bad pain after my second TKR and my surgeon stayed on top of it until it went away at about six weeks. Numbness probably takes longer, I hope it will improve fairly soon.
There are more postings under Foot Neuropathy after TKR that you might find helpful.

I too had/still have numbness n tingling in my foot after TKR. I was like that right after my surgery. Dr told me it was normal give it a yr or 2. My primary said that's not normal n set me you for an ABI which showed low pressure in that leg. They did angiogram which showed a blockage behind that knee. My surgeon pinched my Popliteal Artery n more. I had the artery opened at 60 days after TKR. It helped the numbness by 50%. I still have some numbness n my foot still feels cold at times but at least I have my leg… Because as my TKR surgeon put it when I went back to him at 3 months was 1. Why did I wait so long to get it fixed 2. Most people that that happens to loose their leg. Thanks to my primary for listening to me and as for my TKR surgeon…he better start listening to what his patients are telling them. Good luck and be an advocate for yourself!

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