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I recently wore a heart monitor for 2 weeks and had frequent SVT episodes along with other symptoms of what I call " nerve dumping" I will get internal vibrations and SVTs/PACs and then like a release when it's over and I feel nerve pain I mostly in my left side and right Glute. It's the oddest thing, but no doctor in my area can explain it.
My SVTs/PACs started suddenly about 5 months ago. Should i be concerned about a sudden onset? I've had an ECHO and 2 EKG that show them, but my cardio says my heart is healthy. I find it odd that these started abruptly and wake me frequently in the night as well.

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@brayimee Hi I am so sorry you are not having much luck with the symptoms your having. I suffered with VT for quite a while and can honestly relate. I read thru your past posts and my question is have you actually seen a specialist in Electrical issues with the Heart. I see you mentioned a Cardiologist but there are different specialists in that field. You may want to find one called an EP Cardiologist who specializes in the electrical areas of the Heart and also even within EP's there are some that lean towards Afib and others that are more towards VT type issues. But I know those feelings of pain after an episode. They sound like Arrhythmias or basically a fast heartbeat but there different. Depending on what part of the heart is moving fast it starts to quiver and blood basically stops flowing. So when your heart returned to a normal beat it's like the feeling you get when as we used to call it "my arm fell asleep" when the circulation got stopped. But when it's your whole body it is a bit different. So my suggestion is to find a doctor that specializes with SVT. If you would like and let us know where about you live maybe someone here knows some good places in your area.
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