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Adhesions affecting digestion and causing pain

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Thank you! Yes- in a major way. I believe that the adhesions have caused my intestines to stick together as well as involving some nerves. Due to being unable to walk or stand much for such a long time, my psoas muscle has now tightened so it's more painful to stand and walk. Anytime I try to gently stretch the psoas with my yoga therapist I am in terrible pain that makes my other issues worse.

I am on a gastroparesis diet that my gastro dr. at Mayo had me try.(the low fodmap diet- and lots of other diets- that a local doctor suggested was too restrictive especially since I generally don't have a big appetite) He also suggested I take FD Gard and IB Gard (peppermint tea was too harsh for me) which has helped some. My local therapist taught me how to do a belly massage which I do a few times each day. I really has helped with breaking up the gas bubbles and moving things along. Otherwise things back up to a dangerous level. I had originally had weight loss and was too thin, but not a dangerous weight; the pain doctors at Mayo have had me on cymbalta for a year now and I am having steady weight gain. It was fine at first, but now it is continuing to the point where I'm considering searching for an alternative medication.

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When I got the obstructions from adhesions after my first 2 surgeries, I was on clear liquids. When I got home, had pic line on TPN for nutrition. I did massage on my belly once it was healed enough to be comfortable and I really believe it helped immensely. They did my big surgery a year ago today, actually! They wanted to try laparoscopic to minimize additional adhesions. However, when they got the scope in, they realized the adhesions were so dense they were going to have to open me up again. 4th Surgeries in less than a year. They spent the first 2 hours laising the adhesions and accidentally perforated my small intestine which they then repaired. The rest of the surgery went well, ended up with Deloyers procedure.
So the massage and Boost Breeze( a clear liquid drink box) is what really helped me. I also did clear broths. I cannot really tolerate the opioids as they make me really nauseous. I took liquid Advil .