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Suzanne (@suzanneb)

Adhesions affecting digestion and causing pain

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Hello @suzanneb,

I am sorry to hear about your pain and previous surgeries. I can understand your concern about another surgery which might result in more adhesions. I would like to invite @thull to talk with you about her problem with adhesions and pain. She had a procedure at Mayo which was of great help to her.

Have the adhesions affected what you can eat? Have you lost much weight?

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Thank you! Yes- in a major way. I believe that the adhesions have caused my intestines to stick together as well as involving some nerves. Due to being unable to walk or stand much for such a long time, my psoas muscle has now tightened so it's more painful to stand and walk. Anytime I try to gently stretch the psoas with my yoga therapist I am in terrible pain that makes my other issues worse.

I am on a gastroparesis diet that my gastro dr. at Mayo had me try.(the low fodmap diet- and lots of other diets- that a local doctor suggested was too restrictive especially since I generally don't have a big appetite) He also suggested I take FD Gard and IB Gard (peppermint tea was too harsh for me) which has helped some. My local therapist taught me how to do a belly massage which I do a few times each day. I really has helped with breaking up the gas bubbles and moving things along. Otherwise things back up to a dangerous level. I had originally had weight loss and was too thin, but not a dangerous weight; the pain doctors at Mayo have had me on cymbalta for a year now and I am having steady weight gain. It was fine at first, but now it is continuing to the point where I'm considering searching for an alternative medication.