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What to do if you notice blood in you stool

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@trellg132, I moved your question about blood in stool to this existing discussion, so that you can connect with @astaingegerdm @bonnieh218 @jadillow and others

Here's an article from Mayo Clinic about possible causes of rectal bleeding.
– Rectal bleeding https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/rectal-bleeding/basics/causes/sym-20050740

Is the blood bright red? Have you had constipation lately?

@ trellg132- Hi! You are asking a very important question. Most of us don’t know what to do or think when we see blood in the stool. Then there is the question- is it mixed in, covering the stool or drops in the toilet? Also, the color of the blood- bright red, darker red or black (totally black) ? Another question- do you have pain anywhere in the stomach? Constipation? Known hemorrhoids? Are you anemic?
Lots of questions!
It may be something low on a worry scale, but you have to be evaluated.
Do you have a doctor you go to on a regular basis?
Looking forward to hear from you again.