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Gabapentin side effects?

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What kind of restrictions if you don8 mind?

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Movement and weight restrictions. No lifting above 10-15# for two months. NO lifting arms or hands over your head, I could shampoo. No bending OVER to pick things up or backwards to stretch. I used a “grabber” I had from my back surgery in 2011. NO twisting of torso. I was allowed to squat if I kept my back STRAIGHT. I garden and have dogs, so I am great at squatting but lots of folks, esp older ones (that includes me!) are not. No exercising other than gentle walking which being January in WI wasn’t an issue, ha. Didn’t want to fall on ice under best of chances! Explanation given to me: They run the lead wires up alongside your spinal cord area where they essentially free float in fluid and the reason for not doing all these things is they want the leads to “scar” into place. The concept being they don’t want them to get pulled loose during the healing period. They run down and are attached to the small battery pack implanted below my waist and above the upper edge of buttock, off to one side. So if they got yanked loose, it would mean another incision to fix things. I was not allowed to shower even longer than a normal postop surgical length of time. Just shy of 14 days, ugh (like during the trial). It would be devastating to get infected. I carried in two 28# bags of dog food Friday; I am two weeks shy of my 3 month mark. I didn’t have to carry it far and felt fine. If it weren’t for the virus I could have asked someone else to do it but….pick your poison, I guess?! I like to garden and we have had some good days where I have worked for a few hours in a row cutting back perennials, sawing or lopping branches and limbs, etc. Raking. Beforehand I thought things out, rearranging cupboard shelves, fridge, etc. Didn’t use dishwasher for about 2+ months since I didn’t want to squat constantly to fill/empty it. Just kept out a few utensils, dishes, etc. and rewashed them by hand.