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LCIS: should I take Tamoxifen?

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I take Vitamin D (i was found to be extremely deficient when diagnosed with LCIS and that 'can' be a risk for breast cancer), I also take iron because for some reason I'm slightly anemic as well. I only take it 2-3 times a week as it can be 'too much of a good thing' they said. I also take Omega Chews and have been for years for heart health and dry eye, a multivitamin chew that includes minerals as well as the standard vitamin regimine, biotine (my hair and nails took a real hit in menopause) and grapeseed extract (oddly for tinitus…and it works!!). I take no other prescription drugs or supplements although I do use tumeric in my cooking to fight inflammation and I try to watch both sugar and salt closely. I really modified my diet after the LCIS diagnosis but should do better. I did lose 27 pounds over the course of my breast cancer 'adventure', which was a good thing. I vary about 5 pounds when I don't really watch my diet. You want to reduce fat because hormones are produced to some extent after menopause in your fat. I don't eat or use soy but I avoid it as much as possible (again some estrogen production). Oddly, my cancer was strongly estrogen positive. I never had much progesterone, hence lots of problems I'm just now sorting out. I now have virtually no estrogen, no progesterone and little testosterone (I have the levels checked). I'm pretty much drying up from the inside out, ha ha!! The low hormone levels have caused many symptoms similar to taking the AI drugs (I can't, bad reactions to all). Not as bad as the meds but dry skin, hair, nails, some joint pain is starting to appear, dry eyes, vaginal atrophy, etc. I just patch, patch, patch…but it's better than cancer!

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@cindylb Thanks for your response. I am a little confused about your diagnoses – you said you had LCIS diagnosis but also that your cancer was estrogen positive. Did you have a cancer diagnosis after the LCIS diagnosis? Thanks so much. Am trying to learn as much as possible but it’s confusing!

Hi! Are you finding good patches? These are my concerns as I will probably take tamoxifen in the future since my cancer was highly hormone related. I have a few months to 50 and was not yet menopausal, but just started chemo, and then will likely start hormone blockers after that. Not excited about all the possible issues due to eliminating estrogen. But, like you said, preferred over cancer. Thank you for sharing.