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One of the things that I've also noticed is that my wife always walks behind me, not even with me or ahead of me. At first, I didn't catch on but after a few weeks of doing so, I finally realized that she was purposely lagging in stores because she didnt want to take a wrong turn or lose sight of me. She also does not like looking at pictures pr watch family videos. I think part of it is that her short and long term memory are effected. I also think that it makes her upset or sad, which makes her cry, get a headache, and shut down (long periods of sleep). I learn new things about this disease almost daily on how it effects the person who has Alzheimer's.
My heart goes out to you. I'm sorry that you lost your mom and had to witness the symptoms of dementia. My mom also had dementia bit would never admit that she needed medical care.

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Yeah, they try to hide it. She had possession of the family photos and she started throwing them away little by little. Didn’t notice at first but later on I would ask where the photo of so and so was and she would feign ignorance. Then she threw away her recipe collection in a binder. Towards the end we noticed her ring and watch were gone and found out she gave them to some homeless types in the neighborhood. She was taking out 100 every three days from the bank on the corner, for years but didn’t go anywhere to spend it. Those people were taking her money. We had to put her in dementia home. sorry for you.

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