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My wife was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers in November of 2019. Although I think she has had the disease for about two and a half years. Her sense of smell varies from being able to smell to not being able to smell. She smells things that have no odor. So her sense of smell is all messed up. She really dislikes the smell of most anything that is being cooked. She also has a distorted sense of taste. Her diet has decreased to eating primarily toast and peanut butter unless I can get her out to eat, then she will eat a normal meal. It's a juggling act for sure. Here's a question for anybody that wants to answer: Has anybody noticed with their loved one with Alzheimer's that their eyes have that look of being there but not beong there? My wife has that look all of the time. It breaks my heart. Just wondering. It's kind of a blank stare.

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Yes, the blank stare. My mom had it. She died of dementia at 88 but looking back I think she started at 74 and was good at hiding it for many years. Another clue was not calling anyone on the phone. My mom ate normal eating out too but at home ate candy and any sweets. It’s very sad.

I know the look quite well. When my mom wakes in the morning she is always confused…not knowing exactly where she is…it takes a few minutes to calm her…and sometimes not. And often when we are out the look comes to her eyes and she is anxious and wants to go home. Sometimes she wants to go home before we leave the door.
It’s hard but we have to go forward as caregivers….peace and courage and I share your broken heart.

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