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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Aug 25, 2020 | Replies (58)

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New to this forum. I just started to use the smartvest. I have bronchiectasis. Recently diagnosed back in Dec 2019. Took two years to discover this illness. But any way, hi. My name is Mikel. Funny incident with the smartvest. During the first few treatments. I set the machine up on 85%. Yes it was shaking the cheap out of me. The machine have me vertigo. Learn my lesson. Start low. I initially had fun with the higher setting. Signing and making strange sounds to my dog who was amused by my silliness. But getting vertigo was not nice. Anyway hope everyone gets better.

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This is Mikel again, I should have proof read my post. Typos, sorry.

Hi Mikel, when I got my Smartvest in December 2018, someone came out to my house and set it up. Last fall, when everything got worse for my breathing, I set another weaker program which I have used most of the time rather than the one set by the Smartvest rep. I assume it is the coronavirus stopping anyone from coming out to help set you up with a program. 85% is way WAY to strong for me but I am old and have several lung diseases. My highest is 55%. The purpose of the vest is to shake loose sputum caught in our airways so whatever setting does that without causing side effects is different for each of us.

I also enjoy making sounds when I'm on it which my dog sleeps through.

Maybe Thumper, our resident vest expert, will chime in. Rita

That’s funny😂😜😂. I can’t even imagine 85%! I can’t even get higher than 45% yet without starting to feel sick. Kudos to you! Feel well!

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