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Percussion Vests

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Aug 25, 2020 | Replies (58)

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No, but add me;I'm being fitted tomorrow.

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So, I got my vest. Had some difficulty. My hands are not strong enough to snap open the three chest straps. I found it quite heavy. But, I'm going to soldier on because I'm so tired of being tired.I think manufacturers do not think of older people when they design and women usually do not have hands as strong as men. I also wonder if all the shaking is entirely good for one. . It's noisy, and not totaly unpleasant but I've only just started so I'll stick with it to see if it makes a difference. That and the nebulizing take quite a chunk out ot the day…worth it if it improves breathing. Flib

@flib, Hey there Flib! How are YOU feeling these days? Are you able to totally isolate through this virus situation? I hope so. Just curious, what state do you live in?