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I can relate i have a spot don’t know if cancerous or. Not bc I guess they don’t know until either biopsy is done or taken out . All they feel confident about now is bc I’d didn’t enhance not a grade 3 or 4 . My charlotte doctor says watch and wait and duke surgeon said take it out . I am conflicted bc how do they know it will grow and not just stay . Very conflicted and scared about brain surgery . Right now it is only 8.9 mm and hasn’t caused symptoms and is on right temperal lobe but still trying to figure out why it can’t just be benign and always assuming cancer ?

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You should not worry too much. Many people have a meningioma for years. It is too small. Just it needs to be checked to see it it grows. you don't have any side effect. It is a good sign.

if it is any help, I have decided to go through surgery 3/18. Hearing that surgery is an option was quite a surprise but after I put my head around that, it feels like I will at least know what is going on in there. The thought of having MRI’s every 3 months is stressful as well. I do have a lot of confidence in my surgeon from Mayo. He has a lot of experience. His nurse has been very good at explaining what will happen and about recovery. After going through breast cancer 9 years ago with some very strong chemo for 5 months, this sounds easier than that. Best wishes in your decision.