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@retiredteacher Happy New Year to you too. That will be interesting to hear what a different doctor says about your foot pain. I hope you can find a good podiatrist. I had to see a podiatrist due to fungus. The first one I went to, for an opinion, seemed like he was just ready to prescribe the max to make money.
The second one was not much better. I paid about $800 for the laser treatment because I wanted it gone fast. It did not work and they would not re-do without paying the same amount so I went to a different podiatrist. Finally, one who was good. He no longer does laser because he found it did not do a good enough job frequently. I could not take the oral because it conflicted with my kidneys, so I was stuck with topical. It took many months to be fungus free.

With neuropathy is the pain all over the bottom of your feet? I have been having a lot of pain on my L foot, close to the outer part of it. There is nothing visible there. I hope it is just some type of irritation to my muscles there due to walking a lot in Boston on New Year's Eve day, in shoes that are not walking shoes.

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@contentandwell I never thought about a podiatrist until my endocrinologist said I should see one. The one he recommended is probably a good friend and in his age group so I am hoping he will be of the same mind. I have not made the appointment yet, but I have researched the podiatrist, and his education is from the right schools and not some unknown fly-by-night to buy a diploma. I will give him a chance and if he has an answer that does not involve invasive techniques or medicine, I will see what he says I can do. It may be as simple as changing the type of shoes I wear. My endo wants me to go and see; it can't hurt, so I'm mulling it over. When I go, if I do, I'll let you know. I don't want a horror story like yours and the laser. My feet hurt just on the soles which make standing and walking very painful most of the time. Sometimes, the pain is low; sometimes over the top. It varies and I don't know why. So I need some answers. I have work to do with my feet and my diabetes. My diabetes numbers are way too high, and I'm not sure why that's happening except that I ate some treats during the holidays and because of the feet, I cannot exercise. So it's a vicious circle right now. Hopefully, I can get myself together soon.

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