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Good morning @aliali, there are so many medical marvels and technical advances being made. Mayo Clinic has a very strong commitment to research including pain and its causes.

Depression in and of itself creates physical pain which then creates more depression and the circle goes round and round. Anxiety is another emotional response that in and of itself creates pain and then, of course more anxiety. Tackling these neuropsychological issues helps a lot. For me the most effective solution is medical cannabis with a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. Medical cannabis is from the marijuana plant not hemp.

I am just completing a 3 month taper off the only anti-depressant I have used. My clinician and I practice shared decision making regarding the meaning of symptoms and appropriateness of medications. We both agreed that with Yoga, meditation and mindfulness, I have better tools to deal with depression. And because of Connect, I can be a better partner in this process.

So first discover, then experiment and journal your responses to share with your doctor. Mine understands and accepts the medical cannabis choices. May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering. Chris

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@artscaping In fact, I have tried meditation. It is great. Let me put it very briefly: Now I am in relapse; I know how to ease my depression; I am saying to myself: why should I go thru the long path of exercise, meditation and fighting negativity within my mind? Let us seek a magic-like treatment!