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@lisalucier– Thank you for inviting me into this discussion.
@iceblue: During the beginning of my PTSD journey my first symptoms were migraines. Although they were pretty bad they were also filled with other sensations other than pain. One in particular, phantosmia, was particularity noticeable. That was smelling all sorts of smells. This was preceded by a second cancer and chemo. I agree, it's disconcerting! I never got it checked out. My husband was familiar with it and explained it to me. Now, 12 years later I still get these occasionally. And who knows, maybe there is smoke in the air for real that's been carried toward you. Maybe someone new in your neighborhood or driving by in a car? Who really knows what goes on in our brain and how medicines might influence changes. If this is very bothersome perhaps do some of your own research, like googling your current medicines and the effects of increasing dosages. Do you smell any other odors?

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@merpreb Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂 I've been doing quite a bit of research, and the possibility of migraines is a possibility. My father and sister suffered horribly from migraines. I've had a couple of memorable headaches but was never diagnosed with migraines. I did suffer from chronic headaches for many, many years, but when we moved to our current location 3 years ago, they went away. Apparently my body prefers semi-desert dryness to coastal dampness.

I am beginning to wonder about a possible sinus infection or some other type of sinus irritation, because yesterday I began to feel sinus pressure. I will keep an eye on that. Perhaps I should take a decongestant even though I am not congested. OTC meds are controlling the sinus pain, and a Vicks inhaler is giving me a break from the smell. My one attempt at a sinus rinse to get rid of the smell failed miserably – but also confirmed that my sinuses are clear.

One definite benefit to this experience is that I have no desire to snack in the evening, so I may actually drop a pound or two!!!