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I have not read anywhere that Gabapentin (specifically) caused one to experience this, but I did read that some medications can cause it. I began to increase my dosage about a month ago, which kind of coincides with the appearance of the odor – so it seems reasonable to try to rule out the meds as a first step.

Initially I only smelled cigarette smoke once or twice a day and I thought it was my brain finding a new way to signal a craving. (I quit smoking in April.) But over the past few weeks the frequency has really ramped up. It's hard to guess, but I would say I now smell cigarettes between 50 and 100 times a day. Sometimes it's only during one inhale – sometimes it lasts longer – constant through many inhales. I've never really tried to time it.

I noticed some very small unusual movements when I first started taking the Gabapentin – like a tugging at the muscles in my upper arms/shoulders. It's nothing anyone else could have seen as it was ever so slight, but I was aware of it. I still experience them a bit but definitely less than in the beginning. However, since I'm taking meds that act on my brain, it didn't strike me as unusual. Other than that, I haven't noticed anything terribly unusual – although I will watch.

As for doing anything different – no. The pain in my feet came back with a vengeance when my brother died (Nov 15th), and despite increasing the Gabapentin I haven't been able to get that pain back under control. Other than that, it's been Christmas, which has been very quiet and peaceful for us this year, so it's all been good.

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I found this conversation after I typed in my URL “smell cigarette smoke”. What really caught my attention was seeing that you are also taking gabapentin! I have been taking it for about 20 months. I am now only taking half (600mg) what I was for the first year. But the cig smell started about three days ago and it is getting more often and stronger! Obviously no one else can smell a thing so it is just me. I too am a former smoker but it’s been 15 years or more! I have already had covid-19 and it took my sense of taste and smell but that was months ago and my senses returned slowly but surely. I just think it is so odd to have this hit out of the blue. And it is just so ODD to smell cigs!! Why not cotton candy or gardenias??