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Although I agree with @johnbishop you should contact your physician as these phantom smells may potentially be serious. I always look at symptoms from an Epilepsy point of view since that is my mimesis. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy is a possibility although slim in my opinion. In TLE Epilepsy odd odors usually last 30 seconds to a couple minutes. It doesn’t sound like Focal Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus in this layman’s opinion. But whatever it is has the potential of being serious. Please contact your Physician.

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Thank you @jakedduck1 – I have been doing some research, so while I strongly suspect it's the Gabapentin I do realize this could be serious. My web searches have been exhausting as they basically all say the same thing – but the potential of epilepsy is one that I took off the list thinking the Gabapentin would have reduced that symptom. Is that a wrong assumption? And apparently some types of migraines have this as a symptom – who knew?!?

I try not to get TOO freaked out by the info Dr. Google makes available to me, but will definitely bring this to my doctor's attention when I see him on January 17th. Even if it didn't have the potential to be serious – it is CRAZY-MAKING! In the meantime I have decided to keep a jar of Tiger Balm nearby so I can sniff it at will, and have started to decrease the amount of Gabapentin I'm taking (last night I reduced from 500 mg to 400 mg) to see if that makes a difference. God knows the increase in Gabapentin has done nothing to reduce my pain, so that really sucks too 🙁