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Good morning @mayoclinic4sale ,

Oops…..that is unfortunate.. What were you doing when the pain started? Or when do you think the pain started. Some times it just happens. I have had similar incidents over the 10 years of living my life with a reverse shoulder. I was warned by my surgeon….”don’t fall, I can’t fix you”. Most of my incidents are from overdoing it…..with my weights while working out until I reduced the weight……lifting too much just helping around the house.

Do you have a patient portal that enables you to communicate with your surgeon? That might be a start.

Is this soft tissue pain? For me, that took more than overnight to recover, probably 3 or 4 days of gentle treatment.

Have you tried heat or cold? How long have you had the reverse replacement?
Bottom line…..be safe and protected. Chris

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Thank you for your input. Have been icing and I am on anti inflammatory drugs. Have message into surgeon and primary care physician. Hoping I only over worked it. Perhaps broke up some scar tissue. Obviously worried. Again, thank you.