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Question on ANA and dsDNA

Autoimmune Diseases | Last Active: Dec 27, 2019 | Replies (8)

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Ethan M.- I have raynauds, (even if its 95 degrees, i can have cold hands, feet, and/or nose), heat intolerance, fatigue, muscle aches, numbness, tingling, cramping in hands and feet. Poor concentration, brain fog, on and off sores on tongue. Light and sound sensitivity. Feeling things crawl up leg or arm. A mix of stuff. Today i was out in the heat and my fingers and toes were swollen and red. When i cool off, they go back to normal. The last rheumatologist didnt understand this, she told me to always wear sunscreen, which yes, but I dont get burnt, i dont even have to be in the sun.

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Ethan M, I have raynauds and some of the crazy symptoms like heat intolerance had brain fog sore mouth. I recently had a genvoa nateval test, all my vitamin Bs are low and deficient B6 B3 alpha lipoic acid low glutathione, I'm wondering have you had at least your B12 Folic and homocysteine checked. I have active mthfr I do not process folic acid right to much is toxic to me. It's just something you may want to look at.