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Double Vision & Spinal Stenosis

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Hi, @dablues, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Since you are having these issues with your spinal stenosis, specifically in your neck, as well as the double vision, I can see that waiting till the end of January to see the doctor following your EMG would be hard.

I'd also like to introduce you to some other Connect members who have talked about spinal stenosis or double vision to see if they may have some thoughts for you on managing your symptoms while you wait for your EMG and doctor visit. Please meet @suerc @wilcy @3les54 @joanneo @zorone @anon79059957.

Sounds as though you did not consider going to the ER as a valid choice for you. Why did you not feel that option was any help? Can you follow up with the nurse tomorrow, Monday, on the neck therapy?

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ER is out because I have been to the ER 3 times since November with acute anxiety due to the problems I'm having and all they do is take the same blood work over and over again. I doubt they will do anything different since I do have a neurologist and an eye doctor. The neurologist nurse said go to ER. They will not do anything other than refer me to a doctor. Am sure my insurance company is not happen with my ER visits. Anytime I tried to see a doctor it's a long wait. What is going on with me I don't know if it's a combination of things or not, but had a brain scan, EEG, cervical spine scan, and I'm not getting any better. Now my legs don't work right and I get off balance unless I wear my sneakers that has supports in them.

The ER does absolutely NOTHING! Blood work and that's about all.