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Saline nebulized inhalation

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Oops. You were asking how much .9% and I read it as .9% or 3%. Did your doctor prescribe .9% along with another drug for nebulizer? If so, I would assume the prescription would say what size the vials are. The .9 dilutes the med and more of it would make it take much longer to neb. My 3% and 7% vials are 4 ml.

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Rits, the only time another drug is Rx'd. is during "flare-ups" which I've always characterized as febrile acute bronchitis episodes. I've used this language with the doc and he's never offered any alternative way to talk about it. My first pulmo left his practice. Neither he nor the current doc has ever had anything to say about the concentration or the 3 mL volume of the Rx. I've only recently, through the good offices of you and other contributors on this discussion forum, begun to learn and perhaps to be a bit more proactive in what's being done when I see the pulmo. For example it never occurred to me to me that there might be other concentrations than 0.9 or other volumes than 3 mL.