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Saline nebulized inhalation

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Wonder why my pulmo would Rx .09 if is useless as you suggest?

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Replies to "Wonder why my pulmo would Rx .09 if is useless as you suggest?"

You don't need a prescription for .9. It's sometimes mixed with nebulized bronchodilators (meds that open the airways) so it's prescribed along with the other med. It's what's in the iv when patients are hospitalized and are given saline because it's the same amount of saline as our normal body fluids. I don't know why your pulmo thought you would benefit from nebbing it. Let me know if you find out. I have a lot of trouble with any saline so something lower than 3% that does some good would be great for me.

I just finished a week at Mayo. Found out I have bronchiectasis and am waiting for the results from the cultures. The doc there also prescribed .9 and albuterol. I am in earlier stages than some here and only occ get sputum up. Even with the 10% saline when they tried to induce sputum, I couldn't get a good sample. (The RT who tried said the induction fails often) I'm believe that's the reason I'm getting .9. I image they'll increase it if I start having more.