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Meet others living with autism: Come say hi

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A little over twenty five years ago, I was asked to be a teaching assistant for a very special little girl. This little one had some kind of Autism, but back then we really were just on the cusp of learning about the Autism Spectrum . They did not want to label her.

We studied the writings of Dr. Temple Grandin. We went to Emory University and sat under the teachings of successful people who were actually autistic. They revealed that their diagnoses came after their children were diagnosed. We had certain techniques that we tried, and worked directly under the school system psychologist.

I had always wondered how I was able to understand my little charge. I could see her behavior in a different light than others who worked with her. It took me years to figure it out Missed diagnoses. When I finally learned I was Autistic, it was freedom

I had been diagnosed with depression, ADD, but nothing worked. Since learning I had a place on the Spectrum, it has been a beautiful journey of self acceptance.

I now advocate for those on the Spectrum. It has not always been easy, but it has been worth it all. Especially since we learned a few years ago that my little Grandson ,is on the Spectrum. So now I can use what I remember from child hood to help him. .

Our family is very close. We want those who are on the Spectrum to feel hope and encouragement. And for their families to know that we are all in this together. We can all learn from each other.
Love and light,
Mamacita Jane

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Hi, @mamacita - You talked about using what you remember from childhood to help your little grandson diagnosed with autism. If you are comfortable sharing about this topic, wondering if you'd talk more about what you are doing to help him from recollections from your own childhood?

Are you aware if being diagnosed after your child is diagnosed is a somewhat common occurrence?
I am just wondering if I could get a diagnosis if my daughter does.