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Your husband had done a wonderful job of recovering from his issues. And I know you have been part of the team to make both your lives better. My husband was not very supportive and my marriage was quite dysfunctional, but over the years I learned to control the stress and that helped, as well as taking more pills than I thought were helpful to control the problem. The BP meds have made me too drugged to drive and stay awake at times, so I am happy to be able to ease off a little this winter. I am anxious to get outside in the spring as much as I am able. Yes, I followed the doctor's recommendations, but could not function well with the dosages, so it has taken longer to achieve good results. I did not have good results with other drugs in the past, so it has been trial and error in all areas at times. My doctor says my heart is fine. I am grateful for that and am enjoying peace of mind. Dorisena

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@dorisena I am glad your heart is fine, but my husband will never enjoy that luxury. I take his blood pressure daily and trips to the ER are necessary all too often. We start 2020 with our round of hospital heart tests and heart dr. appointments. That lets us know how his heart is functioning and how his cow aorta is doing. It is leaking, but not enough for intervention at this time. Every year he has hospital tests to check how well his heart is performing. it is scary, but we deal with on a day-to-day basis. We are blessed for every day we have.