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I feel for you. Do you have any balance problems also. Like first thing in the morning.? I went 12 yrs with balance and face and earache before finally having total deafness in my right ear.
I consulted prof Google and came up with either MS or AN as the cause so when the doc went to flip me off again I demanded that he prove it wasn't one of those diagnoses.
It turned out to be an AN. it seems mine might have emploded itself and symptoms are back to those of 6 yrs ago. I was diagnosed back 2015.
I haven't bothered with any hearing support.
But do have an MRI if you haven't already.

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I truly appreciated your reply. I had MRI with and without contrast. Reviewed by neurologist, things looked good he said, no tumor. I had blood test for ANA, Rheumatoid Factor, C-reactive Protein, Lyme disease, Sedimentation Rate, Antibodies (SM, RNP, RO, LA), and Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Ab. They all showed within the standard range. They said I don't have Multiple Sclerosis.

I don't have vertigo, so they said I don't have Ménière's disease.

I also read from Google, it seems if it is autoimmune disease, it will spread to the other ear. I don't know if I have autoimmune or not but I am very worried losing my other ear. My ENT said there is no true autoimmune tests to confirm or deny the disease. Some clinicians (I read it online) advise just letting the disease run its course and follow up with a cochlear implant.

How long did it take for you to go from some hearing loss to totally deaf? Mine is decreasing in weeks, so I might go total deaf soon. Do you use hearing aid? Do you feel blocked on your right side? I don't understand how not able to hear in one side causes such blocked feeling, heavy head, and neck tightness/sore. I went to chiropractor to check my cervical spin, no issue there. I don't know what else can I try.

Did they find out your AN by viewing the MRI?

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