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charlena (@charlena)

Laminectomy with fusions

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Hello @red3, how are you doing with the pain in your legs and feet at night from your spinal fusion? Has it improved at all?

@charlena, has your swelling got any better with time?

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Hello, yes it has improved. My legs still have a stiff, fatigued feeling though. I was very active (walking & yoga) before the surgery so my body is feeling the lack of activity, though I am still walking sometimes twice a day. I am 7 weeks out from the surgery and able to do a bit more every week. I am taking one extra strength Tylenol twice a day and icing 3-4 times a day in the recliner. The pain and referral before the surgery seems to be gone but I still have a fair amount of post surgical pain.

@JustinMcClanahan, thanks for asking. It has improved though I still feel a deep fatigue in both legs and feet. I enjoyed stretching/yoga on a daily basis before the surgery and because of the restrictions I'm not doing it. Could be my body rebelling against this but also my nerves are probably still irritated from the surgery? I'm about 8 weeks out so I'm not sure.