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Yup, it takes a little while to get used to the behind-the-ear (BTE) aids if you wear glasses all the time. However, it does work. I went back to my optician and got the glasses frames adjusted so that my multi-focal lenses work correctly WITH my aid in place. It might not need to be done if you wear two aids, but I only can utilize one and I have one almost totally deaf ear that's not aidable due to recruitment. I bought my aid at Costco, and they have an extremely liberal return policy, plus they allow you to wear the aid(s) around the store for as long as you can meander around for an initial tryout. They have "loaner" aids just for people to try out–I wore a loaner for two weeks before getting my real aid, which enabled me to learn what worked, what needed to be adjusted, how they felt, etc. Even if the top of your ear feels a bit sore with the aid plus glasses frames the first day or two, it does get comfortable pretty quickly.

Keep in mind that tinnitus is only your body attempting to fill the void of silence. Wearing an aid either brings in useful sound enough to make you less aware of the T, or it may actually reduce the T a bit. You'll find that you won't even be aware of the ever-present T after a time…unless you have the type that literally is so loud it can wake you during the night. I've had the quieter type for decades, am not ordinarily aware of it (unless I thinking about it, like right now), but, when Meniere's moved into my "hearing" ear, the T was initially so loud that it was almost unbearable. Fortunately, it is much less loud now, although I'm still aware of it, partly because that ear is tuned to a different "radio station from hell" than my long-time deaf ear.

Personally, if your audiologist recommends BTE aids, I'd give that lots of weight, especially if you problem is the straightforward business of simply being unable to hear. For me, the big problem is that everything is so distorted that I can HEAR but am often unable to UNDERSTAND words or sounds. It's very confusing to hear that someone is speaking when the speech is so distorted that there are almost no real words in the spew of gibberish! That, plus recruitment and fluctuation of problems are due to Meniere's, something that I may never get used to.

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Hi @joyces, you said you have one almost totally deaf ear that's not aidable due to recruitment. Are you wearing CROS hearing aid? What is your word recognition score? I have single-side hearing loss and only 20% in word recognition. Because word recognition is so low, they said it's not aidable. Do you have distortion in both ears? Does the hearing aid help a little bit in speech clarity, any help at all?

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