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Hi gyro. Everyone's hearing is different. A product that works for me may not be the best for you. You'll discover this more as you read some of the posts. You may want to concentrate on the hearing aid features. See what appeals to you. Unfortunately, the manufacturers do not make it easy for you to research on your own. Look at hearingtracker.com for comparing hearing aids. It sounds like vanity may be a concern for you since you prefer something that is not easily seen. Keep in mind that certain desirable features, such as a telecoil, may not be able to fit inside an aid that is small. Also consider that when you tell someone you have hearing loss, they WILL forget. It's a constant battle where you're reminding people over and over. Having a hearing aid that is visible may help with that. The sooner that vanity is not an issue, the better. As far as tinnitus treatment, be careful of the hype. This feature only helps a small number of people and may not help you. Plan on visiting your audiologist on a regular basis so that the hearing aid programs can be updated to better match your loss.
Tony in Michigan

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Hello Tony,

Thank you for taking the time to provide me with additional points to consider in this maze of picking effective hearing aids. I’ve already started going through the pertinent posts on hearingtracker.com that you recommended and I’m finding it very helpful. One tread I finished had every audiologist agreeing that a hearing aid style cannot be determined by an audiogram alone. Activity level, types of
hearing environments, personal preference and other factors need to be considered according to what I read.
And you are spot on that I am being vain about appearance. I initially wanted absolutely no part of the aid to be visible. But after going over all of the features that I would like (streaming, directional microphones, battery life, and some others I was told they would only be available on the in the canal type (ITC). So they would be visible in the opening of my ears but I was willing to compromise on the vanity to get the features I wanted. But my audiologist still steered me away from them because I believe the
ease of fitting the on the ear type. I just can’t bring myself to go with those and as a full time glasses wearer I don’t want to have them sitting up there competing for space either. I also learned from hearingtracker that ITC types CAN also come with tinnitus maskers too. She claimed they were very limited in the market. After reading that tread though I’m wondering if I’ll need it. Many of the
audiologists stated that most of their patients found at least some relief from just getting hearing aids that amplified sounds for their hearing loss. The new sounds reintroduced to the ear help mask the tinnitus without
adding an artificial masker.

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