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Hi @gyro, welcome! You've come to the right place to get information, tips and experiences from people who also have hearing loss and tinnitus. To start, I'm bringing @sharieberts @julieo4 @dsh33782 @bobbyboomer @devay @hearingpeg @mikepa @bookysue @nurseheadakes and @tonyinmi into this discussion. I'm sure others will join too.

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Gyro, did your audiologist explain why she believe over the ear type of aids would be best for you?

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Thank you Colleen for welcoming me into this forum. I will look into the other discussion groups you recommended.
My audiologist said that the trend today is the receiver in the ear hearing aid and that many of her patients had success as new hearing aid wearers. She also doesn’t believe many manufactures were putting tinnitus masking into canal hearing aids which is something she wanted to have added to my hearing aids.

My audiologist advised me that over-the-ear hearing aids were rechargeable whereas in-the-ear types required changing batteries often. This was a deciding factor for me. There may other advantages to over-the-ear types that I don't recall. I wonder if others know other benefits of over-the-ear aids?

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