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Sciatic nerve pain

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@popolopo – I also had this when pregnant, like @contentandwell. It was so bad I went from waking up one day and feeling like my body was off, to holding onto walls at work, since the pain got so bad I could hardly walk by the end of the day. I was on medical leave for a month, using crutches, a walker, and a scooter at the grocery store. My doctor was very conservative with me due to my pregnancy, and I did a lot of icing, exercise and rest. I did learn that a physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) could do a shot for my pain, but it was about 4 days before my induction was scheduled, so I opted to wait to see if delivering the baby helped with the pain. It completely alleviated it.

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@lisalucier When I was in the labor room I couldn't feel either leg it was the way the baby was laying on the nerves mine was both and yes you are right after delivery my legs where fine then Boy what we women go through