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Astrocytoma: Opting for Surgery

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Just being told that you have a brain tumor is scary all by itself! You need to find out as much as you can regarding this type of tumor. Ask alot of questions. Like have either of these neurosurgens ever operated on a brain tumor located on the opitc nerve? We're talking about your brain! This is very serious. Please don't jump into having sugery, just becuase that's an option. Research. Educate yourself on brain tumors & brain surgeries as much as you can. American Brain Tumor Association (abta.org) is a good starting point. I had an intraventricular pilocytic astrocytoma. I'm a 27 year survivor!! Let me know if you have any questions. My thoughts & prayers are with you…..

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Thankyou for responding Lynda.
How was your lesion treated?
My thoughts are that if I have surgery we wil know what label we can put on this lesion.
So far I’ve researched meningioma and astrocytoma. Apart from double vision when driving and nausea I have no other effects.
I speak with my neurosurgeon this Monday via phone hookup. I’m a Christian with faith to believe that God has my situation in His hands and am trusting for good outcome. Bless you