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All of my surgeries have been for chondrosarcoma. After the big tumor, they went through my chest and took out nine tumors from both lungs. Two years later they went down to my right lower lung and took out three tumors. Two years later they took out my right lung. December 6 of this year they took a tumor off my chest wall. That is when I found out I have seven more tumors in my left lower lobe lung. Chondrosarcoma is very very rare and there are no treatments for it. The only thing they can do is surgery. I am Not going to have surgery on my left lung until it gets unbearable. I actually am breathing at 99% with one lung. Praise God.
What are your symptoms? Are you doing ok?

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@kathleenkin- Good morning once again. You have endured quite a bit and I don't blame you for putting off any further surgery until you really have to have it. Have you considered a second opinion? I think that it would be a very good idea, even if you have to travel- that is if you can.

Thank you for asking. Right now I am doing very well. I have 4 but right now they are indolent. But like you, I'm looking over my shoulder all the time for the next one. I am missing my right lower and left upper lobes. I've had 2 surgeries, chemo and radiation (proton and photon).