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I'm also 69, @sears @jackt I haven't heard anything about tapering off Clonazepam, either from my PCP or psychiatrist. It's down to a single month prescription of 60 pills, from a 3 month prescription not long ago. I can't imagine having to stop it. I started taking it in 2006, and have taken a second pill a very few times, and it's controlled my anxiety for the most part. At least importantly is the off label benefit of keeping my legs still at night. For my wife's safety, my doctor agrees that I need to continue taking it.

I've had major depression for a long time, was diagnosed in 2002, and diagnosed in 2006 with anxiety disorder, OCD and PTSD in addition to depression. I made several suicide attempts in 2005, and the suicidal ideation continued for around 5 years. I still am only marginally safe because the thoughts are always present, and I honestly don't know how I would handle being denied either the psychotropic or the chronic pain meds. I think about how I'd be able to get medications, but the options aren't good - the streets or other illegal sources or other countries? - I don't really know. I just hope that it doesn't come to that.


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I hear ya Jim. I’m in the same boat minus the pain meds. It’s all getting scary and leaving those of us who suffer with few choices. I’m starting the tapering process as I don’t want to be forced into a taper. That for me would me much worse. I’m a nervous wreck just thinking about the future. I’m too old for all this. My doctor should have suggested tapering years and years ago. He shouldn’t have waited until I was 67. I’ve switched doctors. I’ll never forgive my previous doctor for leaving me on Xanax so long and telling me it was just fine. My internist was all on board too.