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I am 63 and have taken clonazapam since 1997. I take 1.0 a day and am able to take another.5 in afternoon if I feel the need. My psychiatrist has never said I will need to taper. I have talked to him and he says it works and all good. Three months ago he did add buspiron as I have had some serious stress and anxiety. I have not heard anything about clonazapam being taken less like opioids. Where are you hearing this? My visits are scheduled every three months for renewal of prescription. He says he is required a face to face to renew but I have gone six months at times.

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In California where I am a dr cannot write a script for more than 120 pills. If it's a phone in a month at a time then maybe that can be stretched to 6 months. I don't like to do call-ins because sometimes the staff forgets to call it in and if I am on a Friday with my last pill I have to go the weekend without anything. That's horrible. As to the other, I'm reading a lot on the Internet and seeing news episodes "Are Benzos the Next Opioid Crisis?" obviously people in high places are trying to make benzos into a taboo medication that dr's shouldn't prescribe just like they did with the painkillers. I feel it is just a matter of time.