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No, no that's not what I said, or meant to say. What I was saying was that the government, by making it near impossible for people who have a legitimate need for them to get access to these drugs, will inadvertently, push people to the streets to get what the people need in order to keep their quality of life at a subpar level. People who live in fear of blind panic descending will do almost anything to avoid having it. That's not the case so much with seniors, who have no street smarts to be able to navigate the mean streets as it is with young people who do. And I don't want to say anymore about this, sears because I don't want to turn this into a political discussion.

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I understand Jackt. Thank you for the clarification. You made a very interesting point.

Hi..I have a Telemed Doctor who I meet with once a month. I only pay 26.70 because I am on Medicare. But I recently had to watch a video on benzos before I got my script refilled. I agree with you, people are gonna have to start turning to the black market, and die in the streets, like the opioid addicts. The government wants it that way. I think cannabis is going to experience a very large explosion in usage.