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I’m just so sad and sorry I suffer from a mental disorder that required me to even begin taking medication. I’m now 67 years old and see my life getting worse by the day. Tapering a benzo for years at my age? I’m trying but my life is miserable and sad.

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Dear @sears, I'm truly sorry you're feeling so unhappy, I honestly know what you feel like,
I too have been feeling really awful but it's also complicated by family issues and other emotional issues that have a profound effect on how well you fare when you feel like loosing it and saying I've had enough. I have been tapering from Ativan for years which is just a brand name for benzos and yes it's it's an ongoing process that can take month, even years to stop, however as we all know the people who make decisions about these drugs don't really care about who they hurt in the process...sadly,history has taught us that when you take something away from people, they will find other sources, this is the real danger or threat that faces those of us who need more help with the meds. The more you dwell on the scary aspects, the more difficult it gets to slow things down. That's what I find the tough part getting myself on a steady routine and feeling stronger, even a little prouder that you've got control of this but then wham, something comes along as it always does in life and you just get thrown, of course I realize I have to carry on but that sure is easy to say, nothing worthwhile comes easy. I am grateful for the good days and make the best of it and I try not to think too far ahead because at age 72 I learned, along with many other things, that nothing ever goes the way you think it's going to go., thank God for that.