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My Cochlear Implant - a journal

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Hi Tony, I have three main reasons for choosing Cochlear America. The company has the longest track record, about 40 years since the original owner pioneered the implant procedure. They also provide a LOT of support: from the first contact – they offer mentors and meet-ups to the time you make your decision and go for the implant to activation and the enormous amount of support they offer for learning to hear and understand again. The other companies did not answer when I reached out. I really liked feeling like one of a community.
Also, I had spoken to a CI recipient who chose one of the other implants and was very unhappy. He had moved to a different state and there was no audiologist nearby that worked with that particular implant, he needed adjustment and was very unhappy. Because I travel so much, I need to be able to find providers easily.
Third, I use Resound HAs and am going for a Hybrid Hearing solution to my discrimination problems – Cochlear and Resound are partners so my remaining HA will work perfectly with the CI processors. I’m accustomed to using my iPhone and the Resound app to manage my HAs – the app for the CI isn’t much different and will work seamlessly with my HAs.
I also appreciatthe accessories that Cochlear offers. I’m getting the swim cover for my main processor, the second processor – the Kanso, the mic (I have one but it’s been in near continuous use since I got it), and the phone streamer for the Kanso and my audiologist ordered an extra battery – I’ll have three.
I hope this answers your question, Tony.

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I chose Advance Bionics for very similar reasons. I liked the idea of the T-mic and I liked the ability to pair with my Phonak hearing aid. I participated in 4 research projects with AB and learned more about how and why of the costs of implants and aids.