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Y-90 liver cancer treatment

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Hi @mudshark, I'd like to add my welcome. I'd also like to bring @tomewilson @afrancesca and @jerrydrennan who have talked about radioembolization (Y90) treatment.

Mudshark, (interested username) Did you experience any side effects of post-embolization syndrome, like fatigue, nausea, vomiting or fever? When will you have followup to discuss the effectiveness of the treatment?

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I did not have a lot of bad side effects. Mostly a pain in my side, and fatigue. Both of which were pretty much what they told me would be possible. Today is 10 days after the procedure and I am beginning to feel pretty good.

Hi Colleen...I was glad to hear that someone who has had y99 treatment had limited side effects. I will receive my y99 treatment next week for a 3.5cm unresectable HCC due to location and while I have evidence of Cirrhosis, all blood work is normal including AFP. No symptoms. Hoping that the y99 can shrink the tumor and future resection or transplantation will be possible. I am a otherwise very healthy 70 year old. Interested in hearing from others that have had y99 treatment and their progress toward a resolution or transplantation. Thanks