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bobbecker (@bobbecker)

Nighttime anxiety after quadruple bypass.

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Hi @bobbecker,

You’ve undergone quite a major surgery, so I can imagine how even little things can trigger uneasiness! Even though the procedure seems to be successful, you are unprepared for the anxiety you feel afterward. And, with all the focus on the ‘physical’ aspects, (treatment, rehab.) we forget the significance of emotional support – I’m so glad you’ve joined Connect.

I’m sure @cepatchwork1955 @harriethodgson1 @jeanern01 @crhp194 will join in soon; in the meantime, you may also be interested in reading some of the other discussions where where members – @hals @mikegh @thankful @ronbee @dreamin @callalily74 @jackj @retairforceman @joem and many others – have shared their bypass experiences:
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Mayo Clinic research shows that most heart patients are not receiving the follow-up care that could help them heal faster and live longer. @bobbecker, have you considered enrolling in a structured or customized cardiac rehab program?

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I did not have the anxiety as my tests and surgery were all done within a week and I had no time to think. Still now is the time to be good to yourself, take it easy, meditation and yoga may help. Put yourself first for a change. Take care and best of luck and happiness to you!