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@contentandwell I'm responding to the news of your bursitis! I have it below and toward the inside of my surgery knee. It's so tender, driving me crazy. Am taking anti-inflammatories and icing the area. Hope you feel better!

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Thanks, @babette I have had persistent bursitis in my L hip for at least 8 years. Often cortisone injections help but I had one two months ago and it’s really hurting again, worse than ever. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and it was bothering me so much I couldn’t get back to sleep – I was awake for 2 hours. If when you say anti-inflammatories you are referring to OTC drugs like ibuprofen, I can’t take them, I can only take a limited amount of acetaminophen due to my immunosuppressants.
I have a small, trial-sized tube of CBD cream that I bought at Whole Foods so I put some of that on. It seemed to help. Could have been a placebo effect, or simply that after being awake for two hours I finally fell back to sleep. I always mean to ice but rarely remember to.
I have an appointment with the trauma orthopedic doctor to make sure that it is not related to the fracture that should be healed by now. I doubt it is related, but want to make sure. The fracture has had a huge negative effect on my life, and when I think that if the osteoporosis had been diagnosed more timely it infuriates me.