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@saeternes: meant to include comment about walker in my earlier post. Since I had no clue about walkers, I accidentally ended up with a loaner that had 4 swiveling wheels. We had removed all area rugs from long hallway and traffic areas in the house, so other than the bedroom I was faced with hard surface floors (hardwood, tile, synthetic tile). Yikes! Instead of providing support, the swiveling motion was hard to control. I ended up expending a lot of energy just to keep from bumping the darn thing into walls. That’s one of the reasons why I found it easier to leave it be. The loaner place is only open certain hours of certain days, and by the time the next business hours came around, I had gotten used to moving around on my own, and did not go and exchange the wayward walker for a stationary or at least fixed wheel one. I’m pretty sure I would have used a walker for a longer period if it actually had been helpful, instead of stressful.

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@ellerbracke I'm surprised you were not advised on what type of walker to get, most doctors have a preferred type. I had the type with two wheels and it worked out well. My brother-in-law, after a hip replacement, was told to get the one with no wheels. At least you were finally able to navigate without a walker though. I didn't use the walker for long either but I used more recently again when I fractured my femur. That's amazing that the woman in your water class can get that much flex in the water!

@saeternes Frankly, I always wondered if the woman who said she had 145 flex may have heard the doctor or PT wrong! That does sound a bit too much from what I have heard.