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@saeternes: happy to hear about your progress so far. You and Alex seem to hit it off. He sounds a lot like my therapist - encouraging, challenging, supportive, but gentle. I’ve been competitive all my life, so of course, even though rehab is not a competition, I simply could not resist to beat the averages by a mile (of course, except - as mentioned - for whatever strange reason I could not get my knee fully extended). I believe a good therapist is also part psychologist, matching the approach to the patient. Some need more encouragement, some need hand holding, some need scolding, and some need to have limits set for them, so they don’t go overboard. I’m sure @dixiedog could chime in here.
Sorry to side-track. Curious about your official measurement numbers, and scar length. Mine is quite short, even with conventional surgery, but perhaps that is because there’s not much extra padding around the knee, so access was easy? Regardless of numbers, as long as you are feeling good and improving, that’s all that matters. I’m sure you’ll rock it!

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You are very fortunate to have found a PT (or PTA?) that seems to connect well with you and is a listener. Being a PT (as mentioned), I was disappointed with my treating PT/PTA as it was an extremely busy clinic and looking back, I know that a non-PT patient would have assumed their behavior was the norm. But for me, I was thinking what the heck and I'm paying (and insurance) X dollars for this session which I could have done on my own. I regretted not going to a prior PT (that I have seen prior to surgery) and it's hard to say if my current outcome would be different had I seen him but he definitely has all the qualities one needs in PT. But just like anything: once you leave the therapy place- you have to be compliant and do what's needed without overdoing things.