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Mako Robotic Arm TKR ONE WEEK

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@contentandwell Alex is my PT. The bandages prevent him from getting a real measurement although he said close to 0 on extension and way beyond 90 on bend, about three weeks ahead of where he thought I would be based on his experience. There is a thick pad in the way and it prevents me from bending as far as I physically can. Next Tuesday I get the bandages off and the stitches taken out, that will be 2 weeks, so then we may have a measurement. Alex also recommended quad tensing and buttock tensing, which I will do several times a day, as well as shallow squats, which he also did not expect me to be able to do but I could. I honestly think none of this is because of my efforts, although I try several times a day. I credit the ablation and the Mako process. I will be interested in seeing the wound which should be smaller than that of the traditional TKR because it is not necessary to pull muscles and ligaments aside to see the entire bone surface, and the program guides the saw (still in the hands of the surgeon) based on the 3D scan. Alex also mentioned that he had seen weird gaits develop out of abandoning walkers, crutches, and canes too often so suggested slow-going. It looks like I have found the perfect therapist!

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@saeternes Alex definitely sounds like a good therapist, you are lucky to have found him. My therapist has been excellent for some things, but not for my knee.
I will be looking forward to hearing what your ROM is when you are able to measure it. The woman I know in my water class who had robotic, I presume Mako, said hers was 145! I didn’t think that was even possible.